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How Year-End Messages Create a Cybersecurity Risk

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The holiday season is a time for celebration and joy, but it’s also a time when cybercriminals ramp up their efforts to take advantage of unsuspecting businesses. Here’s how to protect your business from the cybersecurity risks of holiday email messages.

Why Businesses Need to Take Data Chain of Custody Seriously

Chain of custody is especially important if you ever think you will end up in a legal situation where you will need to provide the authenticity of the digital evidence. Data rights management ensures your data’s chain of custody.

Beware the Data Breadcrumbs You Leave for Cybercriminals

data breacrumbs, cybercriminal, cybersecurity, data protection audit,

If you’re not careful, each data breadcrumb can become a tasty morsel for a cybercriminal. If you haven’t conducted a data protection and data rights audit in the past six months, it’s time to do so. Use this quick checklist to help you become more cybersecurity aware.

Manage the Challenges of Data Sprawl with DRM

Data sprawl creates a major challenge for many companies when it comes to controlling access to their data. DRM keeps your valuable digital content from ending up in the wrong hands.

Don’t Let Three Cloud Threats Cause a Cybersecurity Storm for Your Business

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While the cloud may offer increased flexibility, productivity, and reduced costs, the fact of the matter is that every time you upload a file to the cloud, you hand over sensitive business data to a third-party service that may not be working with your best interest at heart. Learn how to overcome three common threats that have the potential to expose your organization to a wealth of sophisticated cyber threats.

Cybercriminals Want Your Identity: How to Keep Them at Bay

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While we enjoy the convenience of the internet, easily sharing information whether via email, social media, portals, or some other platform, has created a virtual playground for cybercriminals.  Let’s examine common ways cybercriminals steal identities and what you can do to protect yourself.