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Data control for

We ensure your data always stays in your control no matter where it goes or who you share it with. (Forever).


Your data. In your control. Forever.

Imagine having 100% control over your data – a document, a picture, a piece of information, an email – anything, anywhere.

No encrypting or coding needed. Simply store your data in a shareable vault. You control who can access the vault and for how long.

Welcome to EB Control, where you own your data for its entire life. At rest, in transit, in use and beyond.

of malicious email attachments are office files
0 %
of cyber attacks are delivered via email
0 %
average cost to businesses for breaches by phishing emails
$ 0 m


Meet our team

EBI is comprised of some of the earliest adopters and leading industry experts across many fields including blockchain, cybersecurity, defense intelligence, computer science and engineering (just to name a few!)


Michael Hawkins

Chairperson Michael is a business incubator specializing in hospitality and entertainment, blockchain, satellite, retail, manufacturing, distribution, and green technology.

Eric Jaffe

Director Eric is a perpetual entrepreneur who has served in a variety of leadership capacities. Notably, Eric was the founder of The Integrity Consulting Group and IT Managed Services Provider and successfully exited to CompassMSP where he helped orchestrate 11 acquisitions creating a company generating $65M+ in revenue.

Robert Adams

Independent Director Robert is a Technology Director for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida, with experience managing a budget of more than $100 million per year with 45,000 employees.

Richard Schaefer, Jr.

Independent Director Richard is a Former Senior Executive with the National Security Agency (NSA), with over 40 years of U.S. Government service.


Carl Gregory Hawkins, Esq.

Corporate Counsel Carl is a top-tier corporate and securities lawyer with expertise in IP protection. Licensed in Florida and the District of Columbia, he is a trusted advisor to issuers, buyers, sellers, underwriters, placement agents, investors, and shareholders in complex business transactions.

Toney Jennings

Chief Executive Officer Toney is a cybersecurity pioneer and serial cybersecurity CEO through four acquisitions spanning 25 years. He's also an ex-US Air Force Captain and cyberwarrior.

Bill Regan

Chief Financial Officer Bill is an executive with over 40 years of finance and accounting experience, including over 25 years at public companies and over seven years at technology companies. CPA (inactive).

Brandon Hart

Chief Technology Officer Brandon is a visionary in the field, with 27 years of technology expertise. Playing a key role in the operators of worldwide broadband services at Lucent Technologies, his innovative solutions have since earned him recognition through 10 patents, cementing his place as a leader in the industry.

Lars Nyman

Chief Marketing Officer Lars is an international marketing strategist with a background developing marketing initiatives across Fortune 500 B2B and B2C verticals, with a specific interest in blockchain technologies.

Cody Margaretten

Chief Information Officer Cody has over 15 years of expertise in cybersecurity and technology. Having delivered exceptional results across industries across blockchain, finance, software, and energy, Cody is an established expert on cybersecurity and IT.