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Trust No-One
Control Everything

The end to end solution for secure data sharing.
Gain complete control of your data.

2023 Secure Communications Solution of the Year

Retain control of your data:
Decide who reads it, where and when

EB Control is an easy-to-deploy, flexible and cost-effective
secure data protection solution.

Secure File Sharing

Email Security

Data Rights Management

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Perpetual Control of Your Sensitive Information

Data protection that’s easy to deploy at any scale. No hardware or key management required.







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Introducing Zero Trust


Uncompromising focus on Zero Trust principles.


Unique, patented approach to key management.


No client-server relationship: complete control of your data.

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"We were pleased to find that EB Control’s solution is well-architected and provides strong cryptographic security and protection for its customers and their data." Ed Giorgio, President, Bridgery Technologies

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