How HR Onboarding Documents Put Your Personal Data at Risk

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The HR onboarding process is often fraught with endless rounds of paperwork that is sent back and forth between you and the new company’s HR or Talent Management department often leaving data exposed and at risk. Working remotely increases the need for better data security. Learn how to protect your PII and onboarding data.

Why is it Important to Secure your Protected Healthcare Information?

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A staggering amount of your health-related information is now digital in the cloud potentially creating a data security risk. When personally identifiable information (PII) is exposed, victims can often terminate or change the affected accounts. Learn how a dose of EB Control can keep your PHI happy, healthy and exposure-free.

Two Security Risks When File Sharing in the Cloud

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Employees today rely on cloud-based file sharing for easy, convenient access to their documents from any place, at any time. Don’t assume that the cloud is secure and that there is continuous up-time.  Encrypting your data is vital when sharing files in the cloud.

How to Keep Your Data From Going to People and Places You Didn’t Intend

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What data did you share today? Consider the vast quantity of personal information others likely possess about you. How do you feel about the possibility—actually, the likelihood—that this data, whether intentionally or not, is shared with people you didn’t expect to see it? When it comes to your data security, better safe than sorry.

Lack of Data Rights Management Puts Your Business at Risk

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Every day, we send information back and forth to the firms we do business with that potentially creates a data security risk. Data protection, at its core, doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Take these 3 considerations into account when identifying and evaluating a data security application.