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Defining Geofencing: A Digital Boundary

December 5, 2023

Ever thought about having an invisible boundary that restricts or controls certain activities? Now, bring that concept in the world of cybersecurity. That’s geofencing. Geofencing is a location-based technology that uses GPS to delineate geographical boundaries. It sets an invisible border and triggers a response when a mobile device enters or exits that area. Thus, your device acts differently based on geofencing.

Geofencing provides an extra layer of security by integrating digital protection with physical location.

Application of Geofencing in Cybersecurity

In cybersecurity, geofencing functions as an additional shield. It restricts or grants access to data and systems based on user’s geographical location. This way, geofencing reduces risks associated with cyber threats as cybercriminals from certain geographic locations can be effectively excluded.

It enables companies to set up geographical restrictions on their proprietary data and systems thereby adding a physical layer to digital security. This dramatically reduces the ‘attack surface’, making it difficult for unauthorized access or malicious cyber attacks.

With Geofencing you are not just guarding the ‘door’, but also the ‘geographical pathway’ to that door.

EB Control: Integrating Geofencing with Cybersecurity

At EB Control, we believe in the power of advancements, nuances and innovative applications of technology to enhance security. Geofencing is no exception. We understand the need for robust, layered security and use geofencing as a vital cog to strengthen that security matrix.

Our approach to geofencing goes beyond traditional implementations. We merge our unique, patented approach to key management with geofencing thereby enhancing your control over who can access your data, when, how and where they can do so.

EB Control leverages geofencing to provide users a seamless way of using their data while ensuring optimal protection.

EB Control’s Geofencing: The Perks

With EB Control’s geofencing:

  1. You gain an end-to-end solution for secure communications with absolute control.
  2. Your data has never been safer. It’s no longer just about passwords or encryption, but also where your data can be accessed from.
  3. Our meticulous focus on zero trust principles ensures that you don’t just rely on conventional protection protocols, but also on the physical location of the entity trying to gain network access.

Our geofencing feature aids in proactive threat prevention, providing you with detailed logs of exactly who is trying to access your data and from where. Geo-based triggers add an extra dimension to your data security strategy.

EB Control’s unique and effective use of geofencing adds a new dimension to data security.

EB Control: Perfectly Positioned for Secure Digital Transformation

In today’s era of digital transformation, data and its security have taken center stage. We at EB Control ensure that your digital transformation journey is secure and hassle-free.

Our product helps the key decision makers, implementers and privacy-minded individuals to protect their data through the application of advanced cyber security protocols. Our secure and flexible solution, underpinned by geofencing, establishes EB Control as a leader in secure data sharing solutions.