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  1. Click on the Create Secure Vault icon.
  2. This next step is only necessary if you want to choose a different email address to serve as the Data Owner. If you do want to change the Secure Vault’s Data Owner email address, click on the Data Owner button and click on the email address you want to use.
  3. Click on the What button.
  4. Drag and drop the files you would like to protect OR click on the Browse button on this screen to use your operating system’s file directory application to find the files you would like to protect and click on the Open button to add them. If you added a file by mistake, you can click on the Trash Can icon to remove the file.
  5. If you do NOT want to share the Secure Vault with anyone, you can click on the Finish button; however, if you want to share the Secure Vault with someone click on the Who button. 
  6. Click on the Add Users button to add individuals who will be granted access to your Secure Vault.
  7. Type in the individuals email address. As you type, a list of individuals and groups that you have added to your Contact List will start to appear as they match the characters you are typing. If you want to add one of those matching Contacts, click on them. If you type in a new user’s complete email address, you can click to add them to your authorized user list. Once you are done, click on the Add button. If you added an authorized user by mistake, you can click on the Trash Can icon to remove the that individual from the Secure Vault.
  8. Click on the Send Via Email Application toggle button to open you default mail client, pre-populate the To field, and attach your Secure Vault after you have complete setting the usage and access rights for your Secure Vault.
  9. Click on the Request Read Receipt toggle button to receive an email the first time each authorized user decrypts your Secure Vault.
  10. Please note the following steps are for Premium Accounts only. If you want to enforce usage and access rights on your Secure Vault, you can use the HowWhen, and Where buttons. If you do not, you can click on the Finish button.
  11. Click on the How button to choose to prevent users from Copying, Printing, and/or Saving your data that you are sharing within your Secure Vault. If the Read Only toggle button is turned on, authorized users will only be able to view the data you are sharing with them. If Read Only toggle button is turned off, you can set the usage rights individually.
  12. Click on the When button to set the dates and times that an authorized user can access the Secure Vault.
  13. Click on the Start on specific day and time radio button to prevent an authorized user from opening your Secure Vault before a certain date and time. 
  14. Click on the Ends on specific day and time radio button to prevent an authorized user from opening your Secure Vault after a certain date and time. 
  15. Click on the Where button to set the location that an authorized user can access the Secure Vault from. Please note that if you as the Data Owner choose to implement this feature, that an authorized user must have the EB Control app also installed on their phone to help confirm their physical location. The app has a QR code scanner that will be used to read a QR code that is presented on desktop versions of EB Control.
  16. Enter text into the Search field to filter the country list.
  17. Click on the AllIncluded, or Excluded text to filter the list by those specific categories of countries.
  18. Click on the toggle button next to a country to include or exclude it from the access list.
  19. Click on the Notes button to type a specific message or instructions that you would like to add to your Secure Vault.
  20. Once you have completed adding all of the usage and access rights you want to enforce on your authorized users when they attempt to open your Secure Vault, click on the Finish button.
  21. If the details on the Confirmation Details screen are correct, click on the Confirm and Secure button. If not, click on the Cancel button to continue editing your Secure Vault.
  22. If you clicked on the Confirm and Secure button, you will be able to choose where you want the Secure Vault to be saved to. 
  23. After choosing the location, EB Control will start the process of creating your Secure Vault. 
  24. After the process is complete, click on the Close button to return to the home screen.

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