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“Military-grade” encryption typically refers to AES-256. The EB Control application utilizes multiple types of encryption, including AES-256, to ensure your data stays in your control. This unique combination of different encryption technologies is one of the primary reasons our patent-pending data protection solution stands out in a crowd.

The only way to ensure that your data is protected and used as you wish is to keep the data contained within a safe and secure sandbox at the device level. Installing EB Control on both ends ensures that you and more importantly the authorized users have a safe and secure place to use your data as intended. Our software is free for everyone to use regardless of the powerful features the data author chooses to enforce on authorized users with a Premium account!

An account enables us to verify your identity and that of all authorized recipients. Creating an account is easy – we only require an email address and a password.

We separate access and usage rights from the data at the device level. This enables us to first verify that the individual trying to decrypt your data is an authorized user. If they are, then we enforce all usage and access rights that you selected, which ensures that authorized users can only use the data as you, the data author, choose. This process also ensures that your data never touches our servers.

EB Control Premium users enjoy unlimited access to the entire data protection feature set to manage who, how, when, and where your data can be used even after it leaves your device. You will be able to manage data access rights like revoke, shred, and read receipts. Additionally, you will be able to manage usage rights like the ability to save, copy, print, forward, set access timelines, and enforce geofencing.

No, we need to verify the identity of every authorized user, including you the data owner, to enforce all usage and access rights every time the data is decrypted.

Yes, if you are using the EB Control Microsoft Outlook Add-in to create new messages, simply type the message content and save it as a draft. If you’re using the EB Control desktop and mobile applications, you will not have the option to save drafts.

No, you can share your VGAR file the same ways you would share any other file.

VGAR vaults are saved like any other file. If you prefer, you can create a special folder for all your secure vaults.

Zero Trust is a security concept that requires all users to be authenticated, authorized, and continuously validated before being granted or keeping access to data.

  • Micro-segmentation of the network: Micro-perimeters are created around key network resources requiring authentication for access across each perimeter.
  • Multi-factor Authentication: Validation of user identity from multiple simultaneous sources.
  • Least-privilege Access/Authorization: Granting of the least level of user privilege and usage rights necessary to accomplish the user’s purpose.
  • Perpetual protection and control of data that has left your possession
  • Platform/Domain independent
  • Simple, intuitive user experience
  • No key management = light and scalable deployment. Our patent pending “Transient Key” technology means that there are no keys to manage and no keys for threat actors to steal.
  • Liability Protection: Chain-of-Custody reporting and analytics provide attestation of data protection and control even in the event of a network or system breach.
  • Using a unique combination of multi-layered encryption, multi-factor authentication, geo-fencing, and Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies, Vengar creates a micro-perimeter all the way down to individual data objects such as files.
  • This micro-perimeter travels with the data NO MATTER WHERE IT GOES — down the street, across the country, or around the world — forever.
  • User identity, location, and other factors are transparently verified before each and every access attempt.

No, however, you can add as many email addresses as you like. You must have access to the email to verify that you own it.

You can cancel your account by submitting a ticket through our Support Center.

Disabling a device temporarily prevents anyone from being able to open a secure vault with your account on a specific device. Removing a device permanently removes it from the list of devices that are tied to your account. If you choose to add your account back to a device you previously removed it from, you will be notified via email that your account has been added to a new device.


Usage and access rights

Data Rights Management (DRM) refers to the ability to control access to your data. It enables you to decide how, when, and where your data can be accessed by others.

Time fencing is a type of DRM that allows you to control when your data can be accessed.

Geofencing is a type of DRM that allows you to control where your data can be accessed.

Revoke removes access to your secure vault from all individuals that you shared it with. Shred removes access from everyone, including yourself.

We are currently able to enforce DRM on the following file types and are continuing to add support for others?

.bmp, docx, .gif, .jpg, .html, .pdf, .png, .tiff, .txt

Yes, our DRM features allow you to choose if you want to allow authorized users to copy, print, and save your data.

Not yet, however, our development team is hard at work to show you every time your secure vault was accessed.

We believe that you, as the data owner should always have access to your data; however, if you would like to permanently remove even your access to a secure vault, you can use the shred feature.

Currently, revoke works as an all-or-nothing function. If you, the data author, revoke access to a secure vault you shared with others, you are revoking access for every authorized user.

User identity, location, and other factors are transparently verified before each and every access attempt.



Yes, you can encrypt a zip file; however, we cannot enforce any usage and access rights on the files contained within the zip file.

There are no limits on the types of files that can be encrypted; however, we can only enforce usage and access rights on the types of files we have viewers for.

There are no limits on the number of files we can encrypt at one time; however, we are limited by your computer’s storage and memory limitations.

Yes, we use our server to verify that everyone is who they say they are and that they are using the data how, when, and where you want them to use it.



  • Windows 10+
  • macOS X 10.14+
  • iOS 14+
  • Android 8+

The EB Control application will notify you every time an update is available, and you can choose to update it whenever you like.

Not yet, however, our developers are working hard to build one now.

Yes, you can import contacts from Microsoft Outlook.

iOS: Files can be accessed via the Files app on your iPhone or iPad. The quickest way to find this app is with Spotlight Search. Swipe one finger downward from the middle of the Home screen to bring up the search box, type “Files” and tap “Files” in the search results.

The EB Control Microsoft Windows Outlook Add-In enables you to send secure messages from the familiar Microsoft email client thereby making the best data protection solution as easy as possible.

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