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4 Attributes to Look for in a Data Rights Management Application

June 14, 2022

Sharing personal data, even by accident, has become commonplace for individuals and businesses. Currently, data leaks are the rule, rather than the exception. For instance, a recent data breach of a Kansas hospital resulted in the personal data loss of over 50,000 people, which is part of a broader, worrying trend. Oftentimes when a data breach occurs, businesses only report the bare minimum. You could be one of the 50,000 people and there’s no one alerting you. The responsibility falls back on each of us to be diligent, and with data breach fatigue setting in, we become complacent.

We can take control back with a data rights management (DRM) application. There are a variety of approaches and in this article, we’ll explore four criteria for evaluating these applications.  

How to become your data’s bouncer

Imagine you had 100% control over who could access your data – a document, a picture, a piece of information, an email – anything, anywhere. Always and forever, without the need to know how to encrypt or code. Securing your data would be akin to a bouncer deciding who to admit into a club. In this instance, you, as the bouncer, decide who gets into the club or not. Someone trying to enter who isn’t on the list? Denied. A patron in your club getting too rowdy? Kick them out. Only want to let your family members in? Done. You control who’s in the club and how long they can enjoy it. Party over? You can revoke access whenever you want.

These capabilities fall within the realm of data rights management. That’s exactly the purpose of EB Control.

EB Control empowers individuals and companies to rely on a zero-trust data access solution that provides continuous control of their data, across its lifespan. Gone are the days when you send an email with PII or personal data, uncertain if the recipient will actually keep that information secure from others. With EB Control, you can send data with the confidence that only the intended recipient can access it, within a timeframe of your own choosing.

EB Control: A more secure vision of your data’s future

Based on 175+ years of experience in the blockchain and cybersecurity industries, we believe that any data rights management application needs to meet four criteria:

  1. Worry Free. Any DRM application should end those moments where you are wondering who has your data and what they’re doing with it. We designed EB Control to secure your data while it’s on your system, enabling you to protect each individual document, file, and folder no matter where you store it, who you send it to, or how you send it. Know exactly where your data is, has been and who has access to it- and revoke access in seconds from anywhere.
  2. Easy to Use.  We don’t believe that every day people should have to know how to code or decrypt, define rules, or manage keys.  Or that data rights management should require a complex set of processes.  That’s why we built EB Control from the ground up to be easy to use by anyone, anywhere. An all-in-one data security solution that provides total control in just one click.. In just a few simple clicks, you can change permissions on their terms.
  3. Control. Take ownership of your data. Look for an application that allows you to decide who, what, where, when, and how your data is accessed. With EB Control, you control who accesses it, how long they have access, and using our proprietary self-destruct technology, the data can no longer be decrypted. Your data on your terms without compromise.
  4. Enterprise-grade security. Choose an application that provides enterprise-level security.  Your data is your intellectual property. It deserves the best protection.  

Whatever data rights management application you choose, choose one enables you to be in control of your data at all stages. From the moment you share data access to the day you destroy it, wherever it’s ended up. Watch our demo video to learn more about EB Control.